Step Up Level 1 Job Description Form


Thank you for your commitment to Step Up and Minneapolis youth.

Please complete one form for each distinct position.


If you have additional questions about this form or Step Up in general, please contact Maryan Sharif-Abdinassir,


The address of the specific location the interns will work. If remote, write N/A
If yes, skip the mentor name section.
Who will mentor the intern during the employment period (if not supervisor)?
Should appeal to an intern and refer to job responsibilities, not "Step Up Intern" or "Youth Intern"
Step Up Discover interns are nearly all 14 or 15 years old.
Your intern will receive a copy of this description.
Please be as specific as possible. Level 1 interns can work between 10-20 hours per week.
Minimum 6 weeks, maximum 10 weeks
Step Up must approve all date changes prior to first day of work.
"Identical positions" have the same supervisor, job title and duties.
List any materials your intern could use during their internship (computer, hotspots, etc)
Should include COVID-19 policies and procedures as well. If internship is remote, write "N/A"
Such as typing, answering phones, operating office machines, processing mail, or organizing material
Does this job require that the intern have basic computer skills?
Youth may need instructions in different formats including verbal, written, or demonstrations.
Ex: Languages spoken by your staff, work sites that can support mobility impairments, etc.
Step Up will do their best to honor these requests, but cannot guarantee.